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February 2022

Let's sweat.

Below, you can see what we offer any given week. For a complete and updated schedule, stop by the gym or just keep scrolling...

Butts + Guts

30 minutes

Expect a burn... With only thirty minutes, we're hoping to hit the glutes and core quickly and effectively.

Expect classic body-weight exercises and dumbbell routines. We'll raise your heart rate while lowering your bootie to the ground!

Please bring a mat for floor work and stretching.

Get Lifted

45 minutes

Lift. Sweat. Repeat: This class uses lower impact, rhythmic movements to emphasize major muscle groups. It may include body weight movements, hand weights, and resistance bands. You're guaranteed to condition your body as well as your heart.

Please bring a set of challenging dumbbells & your yoga mat for cool-down stretching.

Happier Hour

45 minutes +

First we sweat and then we socialize!

This workout includes traditional strength-training movements with higher reps and lower weights. Expect a full-body workout that challenges large and small muscle groups.

We'll lift, stretch, and then walk down to the bar for a little happy hour.

Kardio Kick

45 minutes

No bags, no gloves, just a killer workout!

Kardio Kick is a dynamic and explosive class that incorporates kickboxing techniques with an intense cardio workout. Body-weight exercises will also be incorporated throughout the class.

Bring a mat for cool-down stretching.


45 minutes

This class involves the strength training of Pilates with the core building and stretching effects of yoga.

Unlike traditional yoga classes, PiYo will train your heart as well as your body. Expect a full body workout complete with a lot of sweat and rhythmic choreography.

Please bring your own mat.

Power Yoga

45 minutes

This class employs fluid, larger movements while incorporating core stability and stretching. Expect a faster pace and a faster heart rate.

This class is great for beginners and for the seasoned yogi. Feel the stretch and the burn!

Please bring your own mat.

Quick Fit

30 minutes

Need a quick workout that challenges your heart and body? This is it.

Quick Fit aims to work the cardiovascular system first and major muscle groups second. Expect sweat and squats!

Please bring your own dumbbells & yoga mat for cool-down stretching.

Run Club


Improve mental health.

Stay accountable.

Make new friends.

Our Run Club leader will warm you up and take you on a jogging tour of little Jetmore. Weekly runs will differ in length and focus.


Strength 101

1 hour

Are you new to lifting and resistance training? You're lucky - Novice weight trainers may see quicker results than advanced lifters!

This class is only for novices. We'll focus on basic strength-training regiments, proper safety, and body queues, as well as equipment usage.

Check out this month's schedule:

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